9 Causes of Car Wrecks In Austin You Need to Look Out For

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), more than 3,600 people died in Texas as a result of a motor vehicle accident in 2019. In addition, more than 15,800 people were seriously injured in one.  While you might know some of the most common causes of car wrecks in Austin TX, others aren’t as obvious. Today, we’re […]

Are You Suffering from Lower Abdominal Pain After a Car Accident?

Thousands of accidents take place each year, and many include injuries. While you probably know all about neck pain, whiplash, and back pain, you might not know about how abdominal pain can help you after a wreck.  There are several points you should understand, along with some warning signs. Here’s what you should know about lower […]

Why Are There So Many Truck Accidents in Austin, TX?

Car accidents are a fact of life, but some areas get hit harder than others. In the state of Texas, Austin happens to be home to some of the most accidents.  In fact, this city has streets that are some of the most dangerous in the country for drivers. But what makes Austin such a […]