July 26, 2011

An Austin, Texas woman who was on her way to work lost a leg after being hit by a car. The accident occurred while the woman was waiting at a bus stop on North Lamar Boulevard.

KVUE News reported that the woman was standing at the North Lamar bus stop, near Rundberg Lane, when a car turning right out of a pharmacy parking lot lost control and ran over her. Her legs buckled as she was struck at her knees, and she was thrown over the top of the car. Landing on her side and bleeding profusely from her legs, she quickly removed her belt and wrapped it tightly above the wounds to try to stop blood loss. Upon exiting the vehicle, the woman who was driving seemed to be concerned only about jail or deportation as possible consequences of the accident. Two nearby men, hearing the injured woman’s cries for help, contacted authorities and then came to the victim’s side, waiting until emergency personnel arrived.

The victim was transported to University Medical Center Brackenridge, where a pin was inserted into her fractured left leg. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save her right leg.

With numerous medical bills accumulating and no insurance of her own, the victim is understandably concerned about covering the expenses she faces as a result of the accident. According to the injured woman, police said the car’s driver was is also uninsured. Co-workers of the victim have come to her aid with fundraising efforts to help cover her medical costs. However, even those funds can only be stretched so far.

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