June 11, 2013

Distracted driving is a serious problem in the Austin, Texas, area, especially amongst teens. Data indicates that nearly half of all teenagers admit to texting or emailing while driving.

One of the major reasons for the problem is the lack of laws in the state regulating the behavior. While 41 states have banned the act of texting and driving, Texas only prohibits the behavior in school zones. Furthermore, the only motorists the law affects are those who are under the age of 18 years old or bus drivers transporting children.

That’s why the Austin Youth Council has partnered with telecommunication provider, AT&T, in a new campaign aimed at reducing the number of Austin Distracted Driving Accidents in the region. The program, called “It Can Wait, Austin” is aimed at educating teens about the risks posed by texting and driving and calls for them to pledge not to engage in the behavior while spreading the message to their peers.

According to KXAN News, the campaign will culminate with an event on June 15 at the Zach Theatre’s Nowlin Rehearsal Hall. During the event several speakers will offer information on distracted driving, live music will be performed by local artists, and food and drink will be available in a concession area.

The Austin Personal Injury Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury recognize the dangers involved with distracted driving. That’s why the firm suggests parents and teens alike consider attending this upcoming event together.

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