Sometimes defective car products aren’t caught acknowledged by auto manufacturers, which can cause innocent motorists to be injured or killed.

Take the situation surrounding the General Motors Corp.’s (GM) Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion. Data indicates the company has received reports of 17 fatalities and 167 injuries associated with accidents caused by defective ignition switches.

The Pensacola News Journal says the vehicles came under scrutiny after consumers began reporting that their vehicles were suddenly shutting down because their ignition keys moved into the off position while their cars were in motion. The engines then turn off causing airbags to deactivate, which leaves motorists with little protection when accidents happen.

In response to the claims, GM has voluntarily recalled the vehicles and established a trust for the victims of accidents caused by the defective car parts. GM began accepting claims on the first of the month and victims have until the end of the year to submit requests for compensation.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, our College Station personal injury attorneys know the tragic results crashes caused by faulty parts can have. That’s why we’re hopeful the compensation programs offered by GM are helpful for victims and their families.

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