Distracted driving is plaguing streets and highways across the nation, including those in Texas. Records from the Texas Department of Transportation indicate in 2013 alone, there were a total of 94,943 distracted driving accidents, making one in five Texas motor vehicle collisions the result of a driver’s inattention. These Texas distracted driving accidents resulted in 18,576 motorists being injured and another 459 losing their lives.

So what is being done to curb the number of Texas car accidents caused by distracted driving? AT&T has recently kicked off several campaigns aimed at keeping motorists safe from the dangers of distracted driving.

According to an article from KBTX News, AT&T has began it’s fifth year of promoting safety through their “It Can Wait” campaign. The program works by having motorists pledge to put their phones down when driving. So far, more than 5 million people have signed up to participate.

New this year are several new ways to help stay true to AT&T’s pledge. The company’s DriverMode app can be used to prevent drivers from sending or receiving messages while behind the wheel. It can be downloaded to BlackBerry and Android devices.

Also, the company is urging participants to post #X to social media sites, such as Twitter, while driving to let others know to avoid sending them messages while driving.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, our team of College Station personal injury attorneys knows the risks distracted driving can pose and applaud these efforts to keep motorists safe. We encourage you to take the “It Can Wait” pledge if you haven’t already.

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