This Thursday is Thanksgiving and officials are expecting the holiday to be one of the busiest travel days of the year in Texas. With so many people on the road, an increase in the number of Texas car accidents can be expected.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is working to keep collisions to a minimum during Thanksgiving by increasing enforcement of traffic laws. Officials say troopers will be keeping an eye out for drivers who choose to:

  • Drink and Drive- An article from KBTX News says that last year, a total of 387 intoxicated drivers were arrested during Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Speed- Speed is involved in one-third of all fatal car accidents. Almost 7,000 speeding citations were issued during Thanksgiving last year.
  • Not Wear Seat Belts- Approximately 700 tickets were issued for seat belt violations during last year’s holiday.

Officials point out there are several steps you can take to stay safe this Thanksgiving. First, eliminate all distractions prior to moving your vehicle. Also, refrain from getting behind the wheel if you’re feeling fatigued and rest instead. Finally, remember to always drive defensively.

The College Station personal injury attorneys at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers hope these tips help you and your loved ones travel safe over the holiday weekend.

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