Speed is involved in roughly one out of every three fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States. On a separate note, transportation accidents are one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities, representing 40 percent of all employee deaths in U.S. in 2013. But when speeding occurs in an area with a high volume of workers, there’s a synergistic effect that results in an even greater risk of accidents, injuries, and deaths.

One area in our region where this is most evident is around oil and natural gas drilling sites in Texas. The extraction of natural resources is one of the largest industries in our state, employing hundreds of thousands of Texans. However, the number of Texas car accidents that occur near oil and natural gas job sites has grown by more than 200 percent in the last five years, and speed is a factor in many of the crashes. That’s why the Texas Transportation Commission has taken action to reduce speed limits around some of these sites.

A story from KBTX News explains speed limits will be dropped by as much as 10 mph along 71 roads in Texas. While the change expires in 120 days, officials say they are in the midst of drafting a proposal to make the new speed limits a permanent fixture.

In the meantime, our College Station personal injury attorneys here at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers urge drivers to do their part to keep roadways and job sites safe by obeying posted speed limits.

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