May 1, 2012

Statistics show that a lack of seat belts or proper restraints is a factor in a large majority of fatal motor vehicle accidents. In an effort to reduce these types of accidents, the Texas Department of Transportation and law enforcement statewide will partner to conduct the 11th annual “Click It Or Ticket” campaign from May 21 to June 3.

To promote the event, a news conference is being held at Auditorium Shores on the banks of Lady Bird Lake today by Austin officials. The program’s aim is to promote awareness of the law that requires passengers in a vehicle to be buckled up at all times. The law also states that every child under the age of 8 is required to be restrained in either a child safety or booster seat. Failure to abide by these laws is punishable by a fine of up to $250.

Research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that the increased usage of seat belts on roadways in Texas over the last ten years—which has been attributed to the campaign—has saved an estimated 2,483 lives.

Texas Car Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, even if you are the most cautious of drivers. That’s why the Austin, Bryan, and Waco Personal Injury Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers ask that drivers always buckle up before driving and ask that all passengers do the same.

by Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers |