August 2, 2011

New research by the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) shows that Texas auto accidents are down at intersections where red light cameras are installed. The report, which was released Monday, used data from 275 red light camera intersections and 11,000 crash records to determine crash frequencies one, two, and three years after the camera was installed.

Findings were astounding: an 11% decrease in Texas auto accidents was determined by a crash decrease of 633 crashes at the sites after cameras were installed. These reductions were seen on all types of roadways, from primary business roads to the U.S. highway system. Also, analysis of accident figures at intersections a year before cameras were installed to a year after cameras were installed shows a 23% decrease in the number of auto accidents. Studies on the effects after two and three years showed declines of nearly 27 and 21 percent.

The author of the report believes the cameras play a vital role in reducing Texas auto accidents, stating, “These findings show clearly that red light cameras offer significant safety benefits. Most important, they help prevent the most severe and deadly type of intersection crashes.”

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