Drunk driving remains as one of the greatest threats to all motorists on Texas roads. Estimates show that Texas has the highest rate of intoxicated drivers in our nation. Even more disturbing is the number of drunk drivers who commit secondary offenses.

One of the most effective methods to keep drunk drivers off the road is the mandatory use of ignition interlock systems. The Texas car accident lawyers at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers explain these devices require a driver to submit a breath sample prior to the vehicle starting. If the sample contains trace amounts of alcohol, the vehicle’s engine will not engage. If the sample contains no alcohol, the vehicle will start as normal.

The policies regulating the use of ignition interlock devices by drunk drivers were recently made even more stringent. According to KBTX News, lawmakers recently passed a bill that requires a judge to require any driver convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated to have their vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device. The driver must then only operate a vehicle equipped with the device throughout the duration of the suspension. The driver must also secure a provisional driver’s license.

Our team at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers is hopeful the new rules will help to reduce drunk driving accidents.

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