Vehicles that have not had their equipment properly maintained can be serious hazards on the road. Texas works to protect motorists from these dangers by requiring each vehicle to be inspected and registered. But the Texas auto accident attorneys with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers explain the process surrounding inspections and registrations will soon change.

Under current laws, each vehicle carries two stickers in the lower driver’s die corner of the windshield. One indicates the vehicle has been inspected in the past year, the other shows the vehicle is properly registered to an owner.

This will change on Mar. 1, 2015. Instead of receiving two stickers, drivers will receive a single decal that will provide information about the vehicle’s inspection and registration.

Lawmakers hope the changes will save the state an estimated $2 million in printing and material costs. However, those savings won’t be passed on to motorists—costs for registrations and inspections will remain the same.

The website promoting the “Two Steps, One Sticker” initiative provides information and answers to any questions Texans may have about the new processes.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we have seen the devastating results of crashes caused by unsafe vehicles. That’s why our College Station personal injury lawyers hope everyone does their part to keep Texas’ highways safe by obeying the law and keeping vehicle paperwork up to date.

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