July 3, 2012

The Texas Department of Transportation says that every 20 minutes, a person is hurt or killed because of a Texas Car Accident that was caused by alcohol consumption. In an effort to curb these numbers, law enforcement across Texas will be increasing their presence on the state’s highways in order to crackdown on drunk drivers.

press release from the Texas Department of Public Safety says there will be an increased focus on DUI patrols in high-risk areas over the next week. Last year, a similar campaign around Independence Day netted more than 1,400 DWI arrests and was responsible for 18,000 speeding citations.

These patrols can’t catch every drunk driver, however. This past Sunday night, for instance, a woman was arrested after driving her vehicle into Lady Bird Lake in Austin and killing a 25-year-old passenger. Police believe the woman was intoxicated after she said she thought she was entering the highway at the time of the crash.

With the upcoming holiday being ranked the most dangerous for drunk driving by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Personal Injury Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers would like to ask that all motorists not drink and drive. Instead, designate a sober driver to get everyone home safely or call a cab. If neither of these options is available, stay the night where you are or call a loved one to pick you up.

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