June 14, 2011

An accident on the Sam Rayburn Toll-way in Denton County, involving a tow truck and a disabled car, killed a young girl and seriously injured her mother and sister late last Wednesday.

According to The Dallas Morning News, around 9:30 PM, the mother was driving a silver Dodge Sedan southbound on the toll-way, near Spring Creek Parkway, when the car began to have mechanical problems. She pulled the car into the center lane of the three-lane parkway when the tow truck suddenly struck her from behind. The impact of the crash killed the girl who had just turned nine-years-old two weeks earlier. The mother and sister of the young girl sustained non-life threatening injuries, and were transported to the local hospital to be treated.

The article states that the speed limit is 55 miles per hour along this stretch of road that is notoriously dim from poor spacing in the streetlights. Large vehicles, like a tow truck, weigh significantly more than a small car. This means it will take them longer to slow down and will have an impact sometimes ten times more intense than that of a small sedan. This is why accidents involving large trucks are often times so deadly.

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