August 13, 2013

While construction is one of the largest industries in the state of Texas, employing more than 60,000 citizens, it is also one of the most dangerous jobs one can hold. Data shows that one in five workers in the industry suffer a Texas Construction Accident Injury each year.

Furthermore, Texas sees more construction accident fatalities than any other state in the nation. Numbers show there were 10.7 deaths of construction workers for every 100,000 employees in the industry. This was twice as high as the number recorded in California, who had the second highest rate in the nation.

An even more disturbing figure brought to light by a study conducted by the Workers’ Defense Project in Austin, is the fact that 45 percent of those workers who are injured are not covered by some type of workers compensation coverage. This often leaves the victim of an accident out of work due to their injury and recovery, which combined with a lack of compensation, can leave the victim unable to cover the expenses related to the accident, such as medical bills. One San Antonio hospital in particular recorded $2.2 million in uncompensated care costs during 2008 alone.

The Austin Personal Injury Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers are aware of the difficulties that can be associated with a workplace accident and suggest anyone who has suffered an on-the-job injury discuss their legal rights with a qualified attorney immediately.


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