Motorcycle safety is often a topic of debate on our roads, and it is likely that topic will receive more attention after a Fort Hood soldier who was an Iraq War veteran died as the result of a Texas motorcycle accident, according to KWTX.

The Texas motorcycle accident occurred after police pursued the soldier, who was 22, through the country and into Somerville when he was riding at speeds of more than 110 miles per hour.

The Texas motorcycle accident occurred when an SUV pulled in front of the motorcycle as the SUV was leaving a convenience store parking lot.

The driver, an Iraq War veteran, died as a result of the Texas motorcycle accident.

However, the Texas motorcycle accident is still under investigation.

How do you think Somerville police can determine the cause of the victim’s speeding? How do you think a Texas motorcycle accident like this can be prevented?

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Have you ever been involved in a motorcycle accident? Did you suffer Texas motorcycle accident injuries?

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