June 7, 2011

Two people died after a small engine aircraft crashed on May 28, 2011, outside of Bryan-College Station, Texas. Velozia Air reports that the Rockwell Commander 112 left Dallas at 7:23 PM en route to Galveston, Texas. About halfway into the trip, air traffic control received a call from the pilot declaring a fuel emergency, at which point the plane was diverted to an airfield near Bryan-College Station. There were two other air fields that were closer, but for some unknown reason, the pilot choose to go to this particular site. The plane unfortunately did not make it to its destination and crashed in the parking lot of an apartment complex, killing both the pilot and the plane’s passenger.

The plane was severely damaged with the fuselage crushed into the wings and the planes instrument panels pushed through the seats. An investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing, but it is speculated from conversations the pilot had with air traffic control that a fuel leak developed which led to the crash.

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