Automobile manufacturers in the United States are required to thoroughly test their vehicles before they are released in order to ensure they function properly. However, the car product liability lawyers at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers explain that some car makers do not always play by the rules.

An recent investigation uncovered that Volkswagen (VW) cheated on emissions tests to show some of its diesel cars were more environmentally friendly than they really were. The company achieved this by installing what’s known as a “defeat device” in approximately 11 million diesel vehicles.

The defeat device works by recognizing when a car is undergoing an emissions test. The tiny chip then sends signals to the vehicle’s computer to reduce power, which causes it to produce fewer emissions. When testing is done, the vehicle’s power returns to normal and the car emits more pollutants.

VW has accepted responsibility for the emissions scandal and, according to NBC News, the company will be repairing all affected vehicles at no cost to owners. For many vehicle owners though, this isn’t enough. Several lawsuits have been filed in connection with the scandal, claiming the test results are leading to lower resale values. Still others claim they paid more money for a vehicle that was environmentally friendly.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, our Texas defective product lawyers are hopeful those affected by problems with diesel VW vehicles get the compensation they deserve.

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