May 22, 2012

In the wake of hundreds of transvaginal mesh failure lawsuits, a judge has ordered a group of lawyers to come together to serve on a committee to help decide the fate of the claims through MDL centralization. According to an article from, the attorneys will establish a precedent on if victims have a right to compensation, and if so, how much.

In the late 90’s, transvaginal mesh was hailed by manufacturers as being a breakthrough product for supporting a female’s internal organs. By 2005, thousands of reports were filed regarding failed implanted devices. These failures resulted in patients having severe abdominal and pelvic pain, as well as trouble urinating and an increased risk of infection. Between 2008 and 2010, more than 1,500 patients had reported failures in their transvaginal mesh implants.

With more than 600 lawsuits filed in connection with failed meshes in the United States, the federal court decided to centralize the lawsuits and have a committee of lawyers examine the numerous cases. They will then issue a ruling as to fault and compensation that will be used as a springboard to other victims settling their lawsuits with manufacturers.

Transvaginal mesh failures have affected thousands of women in the United States. That’s why the Texas Defective Product Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers urge anyone who has experienced a transvaginal mesh failure to discuss their case with an experienced attorney immediately.

by Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers |