October 4, 2011

Colored contacts are everywhere! They are popular way for teens and young adults to change their everyday eye color. With Halloween right around the corner, many are using them to add spooky detail to their costume. However, some people don’t realize the dangers these contacts can present for your eyes.

KVUE News interviewed Dr. Eric Poulsen, M.D., who has treated numerous patients suffering from a range of afflictions ranging from mild eye irritation to severe cornea ulcers as a result of using cheap non-prescription contacts.

Experts say the best way to combat this problem is to simply have an eye exam before purchasing and wearing any contacts. Dr. Poulsen stated, “There is nothing inherently wrong with these contacts, the question is, are the right shape and size for your eye?”

Also make sure to properly store, clean, and apply the contacts correctly. Often, directions are not included in the packaging of these cheaper versions of contact lenses. Poor handling of contacts can often lead to infection.

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