July 30, 2013

The Ford Motor Company has partnered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in conducting the voluntary recall of more than 33,000 C-Max hybrid cars. Reports indicate the recall was initiated due to Car Product Liability concerns that could lead to a safety hazard in the event of a crash.

The NHTSA was responsible for conducting testing on the C-Max and discovered that the padding between the roof and headliner of the vehicle may be insufficient to prevent injury in the event a crash occurs. The vehicles that were affected were manufactured between January 19 of last year and June of this year.

An article from CBS News explains owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted and instructed to schedule a time for repairs with their local dealership. The vehicle will then have extra padding installed at the area in question. Owners are also encouraged to contact the NHTSA regarding any question they may have about the recall.

The recall underscores the serious risks that a lack of safety testing on a particular vehicle prior to it hitting the market can present to consumers. If testing fails to catch a serious safety hazard, the manufacturer of the vehicle could potentially face claims of negligence.

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