January 15, 2013

Auto manufacturer. General Motors, announced a recall of roughly 70,000 vehicles earlier this month due to faulty equipment. According to an article from the International Business Times, the vehicles in question were found to have faulty steering columns that allow the vehicle to come out of gear and roll when keys are not in the ignition.

While the recall is said to only affect one out of every 1,000 of the manufacturers vehicles and 50,000 of the recalled vehicles are said to be on dealers’ lots, the company has been plagued with cases of Car Product Liability issues recently.

This past December, General Motors was ordered to recall approximately 145,000 pickup trucks that were missing a hood latch. Four months prior to that incident, the company recalled another 250,000 vehicles due to an electric wiring malfunction that was suspected of causing fires in affected vehicles.

The high number of recalls has federal officials concerned over quality control in the automotive manufacturing process, considering U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, made statements towards his commitment to the safety standards and regulations outlined for the automotive industry. LaHood added that failure to follow such regulations would result in hefty fines and civil penalties.

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