The Texas defective product lawyers at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers explain the manufacturers of medical devices have a responsibility to warn users of any safety or health risks the product may pose. The problem is, some products may have long-term side effects that may not show up until years after the product was used.

This concern has prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to warn parents-to-be to avoid 3D ultrasound imaging devices. The agency explains that while there have been no adverse health events reported, there is worry that long-term exposure to ultrasonic waves may harm an unborn fetus.

The 3D images can provide parents with detailed views of a child’s features, but more importantly, they can be used by doctors to identify potential birth defects. But some companies are using the imaging systems to create keepsake scrapbooks for parents, leaving unborn children exposed to ultrasound devices for as long as an hour.

While no reports of harm have been made, the FDA is advising parents to use 3D imaging only when required and when operated by medical professionals.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we recognize the harm that can be done by medical devices. That’s why our Texas personal injury lawyers are urging you to consider the FDA’s advice prior to having 3D images taken of your unborn child.

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