February 21, 2012

A 77-year-old woman in Wichita Falls, Texas, was severely injured last Thursday after being attacked by two dogs during her morning walk around her neighborhood.  According to reports from KSDK News, the attack took place around 10:00 AM at the 1600 block of Grandview West.

The woman was rounding the corner of the block when she was met by the two large, grayish-blue dogs. They immediately pounced on her and began to bite. The woman began crying for help and was soon assisted by a male college student who began to fight the dogs off with a stick. The animals quickly turned to come after him as well.

Luckily, three witnesses who passed by stopped and helped the pair ward off the dogs by throwing several Bibles at the animals. It was enough to hold the dogs off until fire department rescue crews arrived at the scene.

The woman was taken to a local hospital to be treated for 12 puncture wounds to the head, a deep bite to the stomach, and several other lacerations to her arms.

This is not the first time that Animal Control has been called to handle the dogs, which are currently being held until a municipal judge decides what should be done with them.

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