When a man received a puppy last week from a man at a grocery store, he may have welcomed a risk for Bryan dog bite injuries.

According to KBTX, an 8-week-old male blue heeler puppy that was given to a man in a grocery store parking lot may be rabid and could be a risk for Bryan dog bite injuries.

The puppy came from a litter of puppies, one of which tested positive for rabies after a run-in with a skunk. This puppy, if rabid, could cause Bryan dog bite injuries to the owner or other people or animals it may come into contact with.

If anyone sees the puppy, he or she is encouraged to call the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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Do you think the puppy’s owners should be punished for not having the dog checked for rabies?

Have you or someone you know ever suffered a dog bite injury?

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