September 27, 2011

In the wake of the Bastrop wildfires that burned thousands of acres, destroyed 1,600 structures, and killed two people just weeks ago, residents and government officials are working to put the area back together.

Several Bastrop residents have come together and filed a lawsuit against Bluebonnet Electric, saying they are responsible for untrimmed trees that sparked the fire. KVUE News reports that the Texas Forest Service officials determined that two untrimmed trees were blown into power lines by high winds, sparking two separate fires that would eventually merge together. Attorneys representing the three victims whose homes were destroyed stated in the claim that based on a similar 2009 case, in which the company was sued over a tree that sparked a fire, the company should have had reasonable foresight to cut the trees and could have prevented the fire. The company has denied responsibility and has several days to respond to the suit.

In order to prevent similar catastrophes from occurring in their town, firefighters and Texas Forest Service officials visited with residents of Leander, Texas, to educate them on how to protect the homes form wild fires. According to KVUE News, they discussed with citizens how to trim vegetation back form their homes and gave several other tips on how to fix potential fire hazards.

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