The oil and natural gas industries play an integral role in Texas’ economy, providing a large portion of our nation’s fossil fuels and creating jobs for thousands of residents. Extracting these resources can have a dark side: the number of workers who are killed or suffer Texas oil field injuries each year.

The Texas Department of Insurance reports that in 2014 alone, there were a total of 34 incidents in the state where extraction workers were killed as the result of on the job accidents. This was a 21 percent increase from the total number of fatalities that were reported in the industry during 2013.

To bring into perspective just how common Texas oil field injuries are, two workers required medical treatment after an explosion at a refinery in Reeves County earlier this week. Reports from Sun News state the blast was preceded by an inspection from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that resulted in five violations that stemmed from the handling of volatile chemicals at the site.

Despite previous safety violations, officials say they are still looking into what caused the explosion to occur.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we understand the serious impact an on-the-job injury can have on a worker. That’s why our Texas personal injury lawyers would like to wish those who were injured in this latest explosion a swift recovery from the injuries they suffered.


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