Don’t Delay—Get Immediate Medical Attention after a Car Accident

By Staff Blogger | April 3rd, 2018

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we know that not everyone feels like they need immediate medical treatment after auto accidents. The shock of a crash…

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Best iPhone Navigation Apps

By Will Davis | March 27th, 2018

It wasn’t too long ago that we had to bust out our big, bulky maps to plot a course to a new destination. Even more…

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Burn Injuries Deserve Serious Legal Representation

By Staff Blogger | March 27th, 2018

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we help victims get compensation after a wide variety of accidents and injuries. All injuries have the potential to be…

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Common Accidents That Can Cause Brain Injuries

By Staff Blogger | March 20th, 2018

Any organ or body part is susceptible to injury and damage during an accident, but the brain is one of the most vulnerable. It has…

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Annihilation Movie Review by Daniel Stark Law

By Chris Anderson | March 15th, 2018

  In February the DS Team dived deep into high concept Sci-Fi with “Annihilation.” Based mostly on the first novel in the “Southern Reach Trilogy”…

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3 Important Ways Motorcyclists Can Protect Themselves

By Staff Blogger | March 13th, 2018

Whether it’s for pleasure or as a primary method of transportation, riding a motorcycle has many pros and cons. Their fuel efficiency is unmatched by…

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Spring Forward to More Dangerous Roads

By Kristin Farrack | March 10th, 2018

Spring forward! As daylight saving time approaches this weekend, most folks are excited for more daylight when we get home from work or school to…

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How Can a Lawyer Help After a Dog Bite Injury?

By Staff Blogger | March 6th, 2018

Whether they’re being taken for walks by their owners, playing in parks, or even sitting in stores, restaurants, and offices, dogs are everywhere in Texas.…

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Top 3 Social Media Tips After a Car Wreck

By Steven Hooker | March 5th, 2018

In today’s world, with seemingly everyone oversharing on social media it would seem quite natural to make a post following a car wreck. However, this…

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‘The Post’ Review by Daniel Stark Law

By Chris Anderson | March 4th, 2018

The Post is the Oscar nominated film starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, directed by Steven Spielberg, and scored by John Williams. This is an…

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