June 18, 2013

An arrest has been made in a case of Texas Nursing Home Abuse. A spokesperson for the Kaufman Police Department issued a statement saying their officers had taken a care provider from the facility into custody and had charged him on a count of felonious aggravated assault.

According to CBS-DFW News, the 88-year-old victim who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease sustained a gash to her head and massive bruising to her face while she was a patient at the facility. The woman’s caregiver told investigators she had sustained the injuries in a fall from her wheelchair and that he had reported the injury to a superior; however, there was no documentation of the incident and it was later determined another employee had reported the injury.

The victim continues to recover at another care facility in the area.

The facility had been cited and investigated several other times in connection to allegations of negligent patient care.

The Texas Personal Injury Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers say these incidents often leave families who have loved ones in care facilities wondering what they can do to prevent their family members from being neglected or abused. The firm explains studies have shown patients who have family members who visit often and are active in the patient’s care are less likely to be the victims of elder abuse or neglect.


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