January 17, 2012

The pilot responsible for the plane that injured a Plano, Texas, woman told investigators that he warned the woman to stay away from the front of the plane moments before she walked into the propeller. According to KVUE News, the 23-year-old fashion Magazine editor lost a hand and an eye in the December 3rd accident.

A preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) stated that upon landing that day, the pilot did not turn the engines off on the plane as he waited for his next sight-seeing customer. He saw the victim walking toward the front of the aircraft after exiting, and reached his arm out in front of her and told her to walk around the back of the plane. The pilot continued by saying he then looked away for a split second before hearing screaming and looking back to see the woman on the ground.

While this tragedy was definitely an accident, the pilot could be held accountable for the woman’s injuries based on premise liability law. That law states that a business or property owner has the responsibility to keep all customers and patrons safe while on their property. In this case, the pilot failing to kill the engines as a customer exited the plane could be considered negligence on his part, especially if the woman was not warned of the dangers prior to the flight.

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