Abuse and neglect in long-term care facilities across Texas is a growing epidemic. Estimates show that almost 30 percent of disabled and elderly residents will suffer from nursing home abuse this year.

While intentional acts of harm make up a large portion of reported incidents, even more cases are the result of errors made by medical and care staff.

Investigations found 1,060 medication error violations in nursing homes in 2011. By 2013, that number had jumped to more than 1,200 errors reported.

The state is working to address the problem by stiffening penalties for patient safety and health infractions. An article from the Insurance Journal states a proposed law change calls for nursing homes that commits three serious safety infractions within a two year time period to have their operating licenses revoked. Proponents say the reform would allow officials to make swifter moves in addressing problem facilities than the previous laws allowed. Those opposed to the changes say the new laws may shut down facilities working toward change.

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