The National Centers for Elder Abuse estimate that one-third of patients in long-term care facilities are suffering from neglect or improper treatment. This number is expected to rise as the nation’s elderly and disabled populations continue to grow.

This leaves many people wondering what some of the most common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect are. Experts tend to agree bruising or open wounds on the body—such as bed sores—are some of the most easy-to-see signs that patients are not receiving the care they should.

Recently, the Texas Attorney General’s office filed suit against several medical facilities after numerous complaints of improper care. An article from the Star-Telegram explains that the investigation began in Nov. 2012 when the family of a paralyzed spinal bifida patient reported their loved one was not receiving proper care for bed sores. His wound soon developed an infection that spread to other parts of his body and ultimately claimed the his life.

The lawsuit is seeking as much as $20,000 in penalties from the facility for each violation that is discovered. Two other suits were filed recently against two different facilities after similar allegations arose.

The Texas personal injury attorneys with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers know how frustrating it can be to see loved ones harmed while receiving medical care and applaud the efforts of the Texas Attorney General’s office to curb patient neglect and abuse.

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