December 3, 2013

Each day, soldiers continue to return from service overseas with injuries that leave them unable to work. The Texas Veterans Disability Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers point out that while the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers disability benefits to these individuals, the wait times to be approved can be extremely lengthy.

According to an article from CBS News, the growing number of soldiers and veterans applying for disability benefits through the VA has created a backlog in claims approval process of almost a year. In fact, some individuals are reporting waiting as long as 354 days for a decision to be reached in their case.

The VA’s office in Waco, Texas, is one of the facilities that has been hit hardest by the claims backlog. Estimates indicate there are currently 26,353 claims from that particular facility that are part of the backlog. Furthermore, the office fell short of its claims approval goal for the fiscal year by as many as 100,000 cases.

There are several organizations that provide assistance to soldiers and veterans as they wait in limbo for their claim to be approved. However, the Texas Personal Injury Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers would encourage individuals considering applying for such benefits to discuss their legal and financial options with a reputable attorney before making any decisions on how to move forward with your claim for benefits.

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