Fossil fuels are often extremely flammable and, at times, can be considered unstable. So it should come as no surprise that many oil field injuries stem from fires and explosions that occur on a job site.

Reports indicate an oil field incident occurred yesterday in Karnes County. According to KBTX News, the two victims were performing maintenance duties to a tanker truck. But the Texas Department of Public Safety points out that the tank had not been properly cleaned. When the workers ignited a welding torch, the contents of the tank ignited and exploded.

The two workers each sustained burns to a large portion of the bodies and are currently being treated at a local medical facility.

The incident leaves many workers in the extrication industry wondering what to do if they’re injured on the job. The College Station personal injury lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers suggest:

  • Reporting the Incident– Be sure to let your employer know about your accident and injury. They can supply you with the necessary paperwork to apply for compensation.
  • Seeking Medical Attention– Be sure to see a doctor in order to have your injuries treated after an accident.
  • Collecting Evidence– Get statements from witnesses and save any receipts stemming from expenses incurred due to your accident.
  • Filing a Claim– You may have the right to file a claim against the party responsible for your work injury.

We hope these tips help you in the event you’re injured while working in an oil field.


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