August 30, 2011

Two lawsuits filed against the City of Austin, Texas, were closed last Wednesday after members of City Council voted on a settlement amount for victims of a police shooting. According to MYFOX-Austin, the city decided to pay the family members of one of the victims $750,000 so that the case would not go before a jury. The other man was paid $175,000 for the gunshot he sustained that night.

The incident occurred in 2009 when an officer with the Austin Police Department shot and killed the victim as the two struggled to gain control of a gun. The officer then shot the other man as well. A grand jury cleared the officer of any wrong doing, but an independent report found he had used excessive force during the incident.

Council members voted last week after realizing it would cost close to $100,000 just in attorney fees to take the case to court. Council member, Sheryl Cole, reiterated the uncertainty of trials by saying, “Everybody knows attorneys cost a lot of money and a trial doesn’t guarantee anything it’s a roll of the dice at best.”

Council members said after the vote that they hope the decision will bring the community closer and lay to rest hostility that has built amongst factions on both sides of the argument.

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