The Axtell Project

Making sure the neccessary tools are available to volunteer Fire Departments so they can save lives.

Remarkable to Life Saving

Back in the Fall of 2020, Amanda Ruble of Axtell Texas was nominated for the Daniel Stark Be Remarkable Program. Amanda is REMARKABLE! After being laid off due to the Covid pandemic, she started a small business making t-shirts and candles. From this process, she became much more involved in her community and noticed that the local fire department did not have the funding to upgrade its tools, specifically the jaws of life. She started a farmers market to help raise money and get the fire department the equipment they desperately needed to save lives. 

When Daniel Stark learned about her story and the fire department’s needs, Danny Daniel and Jonathan Stark wanted to help. And they made sure that Axtell received the jaws of life. 

Seeking volunteer fire departments that need help

Do you live in a community that has a volunteer fire department? Chances are they are underfunded and need upgraded equipment. 

Daniel Stark is seeking volunteer fire departments that need help. Our goal is to keep our community safe and the best way we can give back is to make sure our first responders are equipped with the correct tools.

Please let us know if your community fire department is needing assistance by filling out this form.