Extraordinary Scholarship

As a lawyer-entrepreneur with three companies and 125+ team members, I have been blessed with achieving extraordinary results in law and business. I have always known that I was just an average guy with no extraordinary attributes. I don’t have massive hands like Odell Beckham, Jr., or a 7-foot frame like Shaquille O’Neal. These are extraordinary physical attributes that contribute to these two professional athletes‘ amazing success. The average person doesn’t have these extraordinary attributes, so how do some obtain extraordinary results and success?

This scholarship is designed to assist the average student who, despite their average attributes, grades, and background, have proven that they are driven to achieve extraordinary results in life.

–Danny Daniel

Qualified Recipients

Life Experience

Do you have a story about a turning point when you decided you were done settling for average?


Are you an entrepreneur at heart who sees problems and obstacles as opportunities?


Do you have a passion that you can articulate?