Scholarship Information

Participating in the ‘Average to Extraordinary’ scholarship is simple.

  1. Tell us about an experience where you decided to change your life and never settle for average
  2. Tell us about your entrepreneurial spirit and what you hope to achieve in the future.
  3. Tell us what you have a passion for.
  4. Show us you have the support from your friends and family
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The Basics

Four scholarships will be awarded to the four high school students from Texas that have proven that they are driven to achieve extraordinary results in life regardless of grades, test scores, background, or attributes.

Students can register for the scholarship at any point during the year. There are no deadlines. The only restriction is that the participant must be a high school student in Texas.

One scholarship will be awarded once a quarter. Participants essays will be kept on file until their graduation from high school.

Important Dates

Quarterly Submission Deadlines:

  • Q1 – March 31
  • Q2 – June 30
  • Q3 – September 30
  • Q4 – December 31

Winners will be announced once a quarter around the following dates:

  • End of January
  • End of April
  • End of July
  • End of Oct


To register, please fill out the registration form here.


After you register for the scholarship, you will be given a unique ID number. Share this ID number with friends and family that want to endorse you for this scholarship. Endorsements will help with the selection process. Endorsements can be submitted here.

Selection Process

  • 30% based on a life experience
  • 30% based on entrepreneurial goals
  • 30% based on your passions
  • 10% based on endorsements


$1000 per winner

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