Free Designated Driver Program

Here at the Daniel Stark Law Firm we value keeping our community safe. Drunk Driving is not a subject we take lightly because it is so easily preventable and can cause devastating outcomes. One of our owners and partner, Danny Daniel, lost his father to a drunk driver. Not only did this drive Danny to ultimately decide to fight for those who were injured at no fault of their own, but it also has also made our firm strive to do what we can to keep our roads safe and raise awareness to prevent these auto collisions from ever happening. Any effort we can make at Daniel Stark to keep the roads safe, we definitely will. Please send us your e-mail address if you think you might be in a situation where you need a free ride. We would love the opportunity to provide a free ride to anyone that needs it to help prevent any potential wrecks from ever happening.

Register – Click on the registration button below and fill out the form.

Receive – You will receive an email that includes a unique code that can be used with your Uber app.

Redeem – Use the unique code on your Uber app to redeem up to $25 toward your ride.

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