Byetta®, Janumet®, & Januvia® Injury Lawsuits

Many prescription Type 2 diabetes drugs—including Byetta®Janumet®, and Januvia®—have been linked to serious health problems in some users. These drugs are meant to improve blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Byetta, Janumet, and Januvia have been linked to serious pancreatic problems, including pancreatic cancer. These drugs have also been linked to thyroid cancer.

Other drugs in this category that have been linked to pancreatic and thyroid cancer include:

  • Bydureon
  • Tradjenta
  • Victoza

Pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer are extremely serious conditions. If you or a loved one took Bydureon, Byetta, Janumet, Januvia, Tradjenta, or Victoza and developed pancreatic or thyroid cancer, we want to help. Contact us today.

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